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This site was created in 1999 by residency trained Osteopathic family physician, Craig M. Wax, DO, to help patients and friends navigate and understand the ever increasing amount of health information available today.  His office is located in Mullica Hill, NJ. The information on this site is for general information purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, or to substitute for care from your family physician.  Every effort is made to ensure its accuracy.  However, due to the amount of new information (and misinformation) available in the media and on the internet, please consult your family physician with any questions or concerns.

Dr. Craig M. Wax, welcomes you to HealthIsNumberOne.com.  He is a family physician who can help you to gain your best health though positive thinking, motivation, nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep, avoiding poisons and #notfood, and lifestyle modification.  Join in!


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Craig M. Wax, DO, LLC of Mullica Hill, NJ provides information on health, nutrition, family medicine, preventive medicine, wellness, natural treatments, alternative medicine, integrative medicine, osteopathic medicine and just plain common sense.
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